How we got started.

Hyde Park Plumbing Boise Team

Hyde Park Plumbing started about three years after Jeff Naumann achieved his journeyman-ship in 2006. He chose the name Hyde Park Plumbing because he wanted to specialize in the old, historic homes in the downtown Boise area and the name Hyde Park felt like it would keep him in his own neighborhood. Having a real love for the area and a love for the people who live there, it also made sense to stay local because he wanted to be available to help people with emergencies when they came up. After three years of being on his own,  Jeff approached long time friend Brook Robinson with the possibility of working with him.  Jeff knew Brook was the best guy for the job. Brook had a background with just about everything except for plumbing, but Jeff knew that he was smart, extremely good with his hands, and above all people trusted and liked him. Jeff and Brook established a partnership after a year and then worked, just the two of them, for another three years. 

Later, they saw a need for a cleaner and less destructive way of replacing sewer lines and water lines in their very established community. So, they immediately thought of Eric McCray. Eric also was not a plumber, but was someone they really liked and respected who had the skills and teachability they were looking for to get the excavation side of their business up and running.  At about the same time they hired on Dewey,  to be the young, strong shoulders that they needed to get the work done. Dewey's work ethic, sweet demeanor, and fun personality made him a great addition to the team. 

Under the umbrella of Hyde Park Plumbing, the water and sewer line replacement side of the business was coined "Hyde Park Trenchless Solutions". Much has been invested into it thus far, including acquiring a mini excavator, specialty equipment to do each job right, and over a year training Eric and Dewey in what Jeff and Brook call "the ways of Hyde Park Plumbing". Eric and Dewey are very good at what they do and expenses haven't been spared to equip them with what they need to get the job done. 

We are constantly trying to figure out innovative ways to solve our customers problems and that is something Hyde Park Plumbing will always do. Thank you for your business. We look forward to working with you.

Jared Slyter